Preparing for Hurricane Irma


07 Sep Preparing for Hurricane Irma



After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and with the threat of Hurricane Irma looming closer, the IRS has given out a few tips that can help you as Taxpayers prevent possible financial strain and unnecessary stress caused by disaster-related issues.

First, make sure you Create Electronic Copies of Key Documents

Taxpayers can help themselves by keeping a duplicate set of key documents, including bank statements, tax returns, identifications and insurance policies in a safe place. Store them in a waterproof container and away from the original set.

Secondly, Document your Valuables

Use your smartphones to take pictures of your passports, medical prescriptions, valuable items, credit/debit cards, and other legal documents. It’s a good idea to photograph or videotape the contents of any home, especially items of higher value. Documenting these items ahead of time will make it easier to quickly claim any available insurance and tax benefits after the disaster strikes.

Last and most importantly, STAY SAFE!

If you haven’t yet already, stock up on water, bread, and gas. Please do not try to spin your arms at Hurricane Irma in an effort to push it away or “Naruto Run in Category 5 Winds.” Doing so will jeopardize your safety and hurt your future taxpaying abilities.

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