Orlando, Florida CPA Local and International Accounting Services

Partial Service

Our Orlando, Florida based CPA firm can maintain your financial records.  It doesn’t matter if you’re locally based, or operate internationally.  No project is too big or small for Pauline Ho, CPA.  We have a remote access technology system that can synchronize with our clients’ workstations anywhere to assist with QuickBooks or any other recording method you may have.

Full Service Package:

  • Merchant Settlements/Payments
  • Payroll Services and Compliance***
  • Account & Bank Reconciliations
  • Financial Statement Analytics
  • Tax Filing Services (monthly & quarterly)
  • Annual Tax Preparation Filing
  • Federal & State Returns***
Payroll Services and Compliances
  • Professional and Detailed Payroll Processing with Reports with Client Access Option
  • Electronic Transfers for Federal and State Payroll Returns
  • Quarterly Federal & State Unemployment Deposits***
  • Summaries for yearly W-2, W-3, and Employment Earnings
  • Earnings & Taxes for Year-To-Date (YTD) Totals
Orlando, Florida CPA Local and International Tax Services

Tax Preparation

  • Individual Tax Preparation***
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Non-Profit Tax Exemption Application
  • International Taxes***

Tax Planning

  • Federal & State Tax Credit Planning***
  • Strategic Maintenance of Financial Records
  • Retirement Planning***
  • Investment Planning
  • Employee Benefits Compliance

Tax Preparation

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Auditing
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Representation
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Payment Plans
  • Handling and processing of additions IRS complications
  • Employee Benefits Compliance
Financial Services

Health Insurance

Laus Consulting Services, LLC. specializes in assisting clients with setting up the most suitable health insurance plans, from Obamacare to Medicare Advantage (Part C).  Please be advised that Obamacare runs from November 1st, 2015 until January 31st, 2016.

Life Insurance

We’re not your normal insurance agency.  By providing life/health and insurance/savings hybrid plans, we’ve raised the standard for how individuals and businesses look at the long-term perspective.  Our Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance Plan prepares you for not only life protection, but also for savings, tax planning, and emergency funds.  We also pride ourselves in helping clients establish Long-Term Care (LTC) policies, which can protect you from asset erosion while paying for long-term care.

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Financial Investment
Our investment advisory team is geared toward assuring you healthy returns within your specified time schedule.  Our seasoned advisors are standing by ready to LISTEN.

Please be advised that due to the uncertain nature of these investments, we cannot guarantee any return on investments, profit, or gain of an investment portfolio.

Retirement Plan
As a locally-based and internationally known financial consultant, our qualified retirement planning includes:

  • Plans for Small Businesses:  Simple IRA, 401(k), Keogh Plan, SEP, etc…
  • Plans for Individuals:  IRA, 401(k), etc…
  • Non-Qualified Plans for individuals:  IRA, 401(k), etc…
  • Deferred annuities, which allow clients a guaranteed lifetime income  after retirement.
Business Consultation Services

Business Loan Writing

Looking to start a new business?  From writing the business plan to financial projections to submitting the loan proposal, Laus Consulting Services, LLC. has got you covered.

Company Setup

At one point, we were a small business.  We know what it takes to go from a dream to growing.  Regardless of size or industry, our consultations are built around concentrating around your business planning, registrations, applications, and structure design.  We’ll also suggest the most feasible structure set-up (LLC, INC, Partnership, etc…).

Immigration Business Plan

Foreign investors can are welcomed to apply for immigration via the Immigration Investor Program, alternatively known as “EB-5”.  Laus Consulting Services provides consultations and provides guidelines to business plans for clients that are migrating to the United States.

Other Services

Non-Profit Organizations

At Laus Consulting Services, LLC., our mission is to transform your vision into a reality.  Our combined experience and talent allows us to work with different various types of non-profit entities.  Whether you’re looking to launch a new charity or non-profit organization, we’re ready to guide you through the process ensuring a smooth transition.

Foreign Investors in the U.S. – Business | Real Estate

Are you in the market to invest in real estate or launch a business venture in the U.S., but you’re not a U.S. resident?  Our team can guide you through the step by step process in obtaining the necessary documents needed.  In addition, we can assist you in building a detailed plan that will minimize your legal liability while maximizing benefits to set you up for success.

International Tax and Accounting

Over time, we’ve globally served clients in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, and more.  As a certified U.K. Chartered Accountant and U.S. CPA, Pauline Ho maintains affluent accounting and finance experience in Asia Pacific Region and the United States.  As an accounting firm that has accommodated both frequent travelers and multi-national business owners, you can entrust our team with account planning, management, and business advice on an international level.

Company Relocation within the U.S.

States have their own set of complicated laws and tax requirements.  Therefore, businesses often discover relocating and adjusting to a different legal and tax system to be a challenge.  Our experienced tax and accounting firm has aided clients in Florida, New York, California, Nevada, and more while simultaneously maintaining CPA certifications in New York and Washington State.  With a complete paperless operation, our accounting firm is able to work with you no matter where you go in real time while magnifying efficiency.

General IT Services

In order to support your business to the finest details, we provide professional IT services, including network, local and remote desktops and servers support, transition to cloud IT platform, etc. to reduce IT cost and improve your productivity.