Watch out for the Tax-related Identity Theft

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04 Oct Watch out for the Tax-related Identity Theft

Last year fraudulent tax return to IRS became a hot issue. Unofficially about 7% of electronically filed tax returns were fraudulent in the last filing season.  Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone use your Social Security number and name to file a tax return and obtain a fraudulent refund. You only knows it when you file your tax return and get rejected.  Sound common sense approach will minimize your risk. Protect your personal information, SSN in particular. Use a strong password (minimum 8 digit, combination of letters, numbers and special characters) for your online tax account. Don’t respond to IRS fake scam emails and phone calls. IRS will only send out letters by mails to taxpayers. File your tax return earlier if you can. Don’t procrastinate your tax filing to the last minute. Extend your tax return deadline to October 15 may give more time for the scam artists to steal your tax data.

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