Need Help?

Not Sure How To Start With A New Business?

Do you want to set up a small business company with the right tax structure given your unique situation (Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, S-Corp, C-Corp)?  

We can analyze your situation, give you recommendations and help you set up the right tax entity so that you will have the best tax advantage.  Our firm has been approached numerous times to correct or rectify the inappropriate set up which is hassle to everyone especially in helping sole proprietorship to apply late relief in S corporation.

Confused or Spending Too Much Time Doing Your Payroll Each Month?

Do you want someone to handle all the payroll, payroll tax, sales taxes and other tax compliances so that you can concentrate on your main line of operation?  

We can help to handle the payroll and make sure all your tax filing obligations are completed on time to avoid a penalty and interest for non filing or inaccurate filing. Just CLICK HERE to learn more or log in to our Payroll System

Struggling To Keep Up?

Do you need someone to do your company bookkeeping, accounting and/or financial statements efficiently and promptly, and advise you on your financial situation?

We are the expert in this area especially when your business is small, we offer a range of bookkeeping services to meet your budget needs.

Fed Up Not Getting A Tax Reduction From The IRS In Your Tax Return?

Do you want someone to prepare for your annual tax return, ensuring you claim all tax credits and tax-deductible expenses?

We pride ourselves in being an expert in this area.

Stressed Over An IRS Audit or Tax Problem?

Do you want someone to represent you when you are being audited by the IRS, or by local authorities regarding your income tax obligations or sales tax issues?

We are experts in representing the taxpayer or small business owner in state and IRS audits.

Need To Invest In Property But You’re Not A US Citizen?

Are you a foreign investor who wants to invest in USA properties?

We can help you to set up an appropriate investment entity, apply your non resident USA tax identity number, filing tax and get back the withholding tax from IRS.

Not Sure Where To Start Or What The Best Option Is For Small Business Health Insurance?

Do you need help in purchasing health insurance, setting up health insurance for your company, Health Saving Accounts?  

We can help and offer solutions.

Want To Know The Best Way To Deal With Retirement Planning?

Do you need help in setting up tax advantaged retirement accounts and life insurance?  

We can offer help, advice and low-cost solutions.

Want A State Of The Art IT Setup For Your Small Business?

When you run a business operation, do you need help in setting up an efficient IT infrastructure, such as a company server connected to the cloud, and other interconnecting networking devices?

We can either point you in the right direction or help you set everything up.